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Dr Keith Bound presenting a conference paper: Shaping Cinematic Storytelling for 21st Century Audiences

Dr. Keith Bound

After completing an interdisciplinary Ph.D. (film studies, media psychology, psychophysiology, and computer science) at the University of Nottingham, the UK in 2016 Keith (International Award-winning Designer) started his innovative storytelling consultancy Receptive Cinema. He specialises in the science of storytelling which enables him to create innovative, compelling, and engaging stories for movies, television episodic drama, and powerful emotional messages that motivate people to act. 

His research led to the development of Story-Fusion™ which is a scientific model of storytelling that validates creative storytelling decisions to deepen engagement and audience experience consistently. Keith has worked in collaboration with the Future Media Convergence Institute, Beijing, China to shape cinematic storytelling for the 21st century across digital devices.

He has won two international design awards for bio-feedback interactive movie concepts and exhibited his interactive film installation: Receptive Cinema at ThinkTank, Birmingham Science Museum, UK. This practice-led research project investigated complex issues concerning the interactive film, narrative, human-computer interaction, and multi-video stream manipulation.

Keith has also presented his research in fear, suspense, and science of storytelling at seven international conferences in the USA and Europe and published numerous articles on LinkedIn. His research has been broadcast on ABC Australia, Radio New Zealand, The Naked Scientist (BBC 5 Live), and BBC Nottingham, UK. 


Keith has also won a variety of international design awards and gained an MA in Design Digital Media and BA (Hons) Industrial Design.

Dr Keith Bound presenting a confrence paper: How Fear & Suspense Can Advance Social Change

Academic Research Papers


Frank 2020 Plenary Talk:

How Fear & Suspense Can Advance Social Change.

Florida State University, Gainesville, Florida, USA

The talk presents a scientific model of storytelling that can assist storytellers to create powerful emotional messages that optimise attention, and engagement consistently and motivate people to act.


SCSMI Conference

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Defining Cinematic Suspense

Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image (SCSMI), Helsinki, Finland 


Science of Storytelling Summit

Invited to take part in a 3 day summit of the science of storytelling. Florida State University, Gainesville, Florida, USA


Keith Bound gains interdisciplinary PhD in Film Studies, Media Psychology, Psychophysiology and Computer Science

Ph.D. (Film studies, Media Psychology, Psychophysiology, and Computer Science

Title: Psychopyschological Suspense: defining a framework to measure cinematic suspense in 21st Century horror films, University fo Nottingham, UK


SCSMI Conference

Psychophysiological Film: Skin Conductance Rhythms in Cinematic Suspense Micro-Narratives 

Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image (SCSMI), Birkbeck University of London, UK


SCMS Annual Conference

Defining a Rapid Form of Cinematic Suspense for the 21st Century Short Thriller Film 

Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference (SCMS), Seattle, USA


SCSMI Conference

A Biometric Model for Predicting Cinematic Suspense Anticipatory Stress Patterns

Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image (SCSMI),Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA


SCSMI Conference

The Role of Micro-Narratives in the Production of Cinematic Suspense in Transmedia thriller story worlds

Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image (SCSMI), Berlin, Germany

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